Range 11.A - Safety Cabinets with 2 Compartments

Range 11.A - Safety Cabinets with 2 Compartments


  • Large warning labels in compliance with ISO 3864, 92/58/CEE European directive and NF X08.003 norm.
  • CE marking.
  • Tested and approved by MPA DRESDEN laboratory.


  • Stricktly separated acid and base storage in compliance with the National Institute of research and Safety at work.


  • Built in steel 15/10th. Double wall doors in steel 15/10th.
  • White epoxy paint RAL 9010.
  • "Acid" and "Base" large warning labels.
  • Retention shelves in steel adjustable in height.
  • Additional retention shelves in PVC for "Acid" compartments.
  • Removable base through in steel at the bottom of each com- partment (except "Acid" compartments: base through in PVC).


  • High and low vents Ø 100 mm (for possible external connexion).
  • Handling doors with key-locking system.
  • 220V-50Hz electric fan.


  • Industrial absorbing mat (ref. JF10D).
  • Flexible tube (ref. KL100).
  • Clamp collar (ref. CDS100).

Ref Description Dimensions HxWxD (mm) Compartment
Nb of shelves Nb of base through Fan Compartment type W. (kg)

Storage (L) Retention (L) Acids Bases Solvents
AB55 Under-bench cabinet with fan Ext. 685x1105x500 Int. (2x) 650x530x470 60 (2x 30) 56 (2x 28) 2 2 90 Yes Yes No 60
AB55SC Under-bench cabinet without fan - Yes Yes No
AS55SC Under-bench cabinet without fan - Yes No Yes
AB75 Tall cabinet with fan Ext. 2080x560x560 Int. (2x) 890x530x470 110 (2x 55) 70 (2x 35) 4 2 110 Yes Yes No 75
AB75SC Tall cabinet without fan Ext. 1830x560x560 Int. (2x) 890x530x470 - Yes Yes No 68
AS75SC Tall cabinet without fan - Yes No Yes

The manufacturer keeps the right to modify technical characteristics without notice. Edition 02/2008.