Range 12.X - Filtering Ventilation Safety Cabinets (Melamine-bases wood)

Range 12.X - Filtering Ventilation Safety Cabinets (Melamine-bases wood)


  • Adsorption capacity in compliance with NF X 15-211 norm.
  • Large warning labels in compliance with ISO 3864 and NF X08.003 norms, 92/58/CEE European directive.
  • In compliance with the health regulation articles (R5132-66 and R5132-68).
  • Electric fan in compliance with CE specifications.
  • Tested and approved by MPA DRESDEN laboratory.


  • Cabinet delivered ready to use.
  • Independent cabinet ensuring perfect security.
  • Elimination of dangerous vapours.
  • No need of connection to an exhausting system. No modification of building structure required.
  • Easy sight of the stored products.
  • Perforated shelves allowing liquids flow in case of discharge.
  • Ventilation system with lighting control.
  • Window control for presence of the filter adapted to your needs.
  • Control of the saturation level with reactive coded tubes.
  • Specialised high efficiency actived charcoal filter treated following chemical products stored.
  • Dust pre-filter, 92% efficienty with less then 3 µm particles.
  • Easy chane of actived charcoal cell.


Storage Compartment

  • Built in white malamine-based wood.
  • Large glazed door with framing.
  • 4 perforated shelves adjustable in height.
  • Double air inlet at the bottom.
  • Key-locking system.
  • Drawer/retention tank at the bottom with absorbing mat.

Veltilation / Filtration Compartment

  • Buit in 15/10th steel with white epoxy paint (RAL 9010).
  • Noiseless fan : 220 volts - 50 Hz - 0,2 A - 47 watts; flow: 200 m3/h; IP20 protection, sound level 49 dB(A); delivered with cable and plug.


  • Additional shelf.
  • Actived charcoal filters:
    - The cabinets are delivered without actived charcoal filter. You must to select one in the table (at the bootm of this page) depending on your products storage.
  • Control of filter saturation level by FILTRALARM:
    - Control lead.
    -Adjustement allowing the detection of filter saturation level and faulty air flow.
    -Sound alarm indicating a malfunction in the device.
    - Light alarm system.
  • Control of filter saturation level by REACTIVE TUBES:
    - Control port on the side of the cabinet.
    - Use of a manual pump.
    - Control of efficienty of active coal filter’s saturation level by observing the tubes.


  • The active charcoal filter must be changed at least once a year.

Ref Description External dim. HxWxD (mm) Internal dim. HxWxD (mm) Storage capacity (bottles) 1L or 2,5L Retention (L) Poids capacity (kg)
AF1X Safety cabinet in melamine-bases wood without filter 1900 x 800 x 545 1500 x 760 x 500 140 ou 60 30 115
ORG300 Actived charcoal filter for organic vapours (yellow) 70 x 730 x 380 - - - 14
COR300 Actived charcoal filter for corrosive vapours (blue) 70 x 730 x 380 - - - 15
PMAF Manual pump 0,4
TROR Pack of 10 reactive tubes for “organic tests” 0,08
TRAC Pack of 10 reactive tubes for “corrosive tests” 0,08
TROA Pack of 5 reactive tubes for “organic tests” and 5 reactive tubes for “corrosive tests” 0,08
ESAF1 Filteralarm (to order imperatively with cabinet) 5

The manufacturer keeps the right to modify technical characteristics without notice. Edition 11/2008.