Range V - Ventilation Box (CDV-A Model)

Range V - Ventilation Box (CDV-A Model)


  • The electric fan allows the extraction of toxic vapours generated inside your safety cabinet.


  • Fan in compliance with ISO 3744; 0 marking.
  • Fan in compliance with ATEX on request. Please contact us.


  • Adaptable to all of our cabinets.
  • Simple and aesthetic fitting.
  • Easy connection between the cabinet and the vent box.
  • Connection by flexible tube Ø 100mm (in option).
  • Lighting control allowing to survey the proper working of the fan.


  • Built in steel 12/10th.
  • White epoxy paint RAL 9010.
  • Steel electric scroll engine installed on silentblocs: - 220/240 volts 50Hz – 55,5 dB(A) - Flow: 215m3/ hour- Protection IP44 - Exhaust inlet and outlet: Ø 100 mm . - Switch ON/OFF with lighting control. - Possibility of flow adjustment thanks to dimmer.


Connecting KIT (KRC)

This kit allows to connect easily your vent box to your safety cabinet:

  • 1 connection unit Ø 100mm(ref. CHJ) to be fixed on the cabinet air outlet.
  • 1 metre of flexible tube Ø 100 mm (ref. KL100).
  • 2 clamp collars Ø 100mm (ref. CDS100).

Reference Description Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Weight (kg)
CDV-A Ventilation box in steel 225 x 400 x 195 9,5
KRC Connecting kit for box - 1
KL100 1 metre flexible tube Ø 100 mm - 0,2
CHJ Connection unit Ø 100mm - 0,1
CDS100 Clamp collar Ø 100mm - -

The manufacturer keeps the right to modify technical characteristics without notice. Edition 02/2008.